LogiMed US 2017 (past event)

March 07 - 09, 2017



LogiMed 2017 Attendee List

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Protecting Margins while Preserving Efficiency: The LogiMed 2016 Benchmark Report

Click the image to the left to download your free copy! LogiMed's 2016 Benchmark Report is here. Featuring proprietary data and analysis around the performance of medtech logistics and fulfillment, it's a powerful tool for benchmarking the performance of your organization.

The 2015 LogiMed Benchmark Report

Click the image to the left to download your copy!  The medical supply chain is faced with new challenges every year, and 2015 is no exception. Partnered with FedEx, this year's benchmark report contains insight from industry experts along with proprietary data and analysis gained from benchmarking the priorities of LogiMed attendees at this year's conference. The report covers: - Streamlining distribution networks while maintaining and building efficiency - Strategizing entry and development in emerging markets - Managing demand forecasting and improving on time delivery rates

LogiMed Directors Report

Click the image to the left to download the report now! Medical device supply chains are at a crossroads, with businesses facing eroding profit margins, inadequate inventory visibility, and unpredictable ordering patterns. As we move into 2015, medical device companies are placing greater emphasis on supply chain optimization. This report covers:  - The impact M&A is having on supply chains  - How the Affordable Care Act is changing supply chains  - How providers and manufacturers are collaborating at historic levels

Attendee List

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Transformation of US Medical Device Supply Chain

Click the image on the left to download now! The research-based white paper, Transformation of the U.S. Medical Device Supply Chain, discusses current market trends, the impact to the supply chain and the strategies, practices and solutions to address these developments. Read the paper to learn valuable insights into the way forward for the new medical device supply chain in the U.S. market.