LogiMed US 2017 (past event)

March 07 - 09, 2017


Joe Pleshek

President and Chief Executive Officer
Terso Solutions

12:05 Leveraging RFID Technology to Automate Medical Device & Field Inventory Management

Managing field inventory of medical implants and supplies is a growing challenge, from not knowing where products are in the field and ensuring accurate billing, to meeting regulatory compliance guidelines and customer expectations. The traditional, manual way of managing field inventory and medical devices is unnecessarily complex and inefficient. RFID technology offers the opportunity to solve in-field inventory problems, making sure that field representatives have the right products when needed through real-time product visibility, while also ensuring compliance, reducing shrinkage, and streamlining inventory management.
Learn how:
• An automated mobile case solution can expedite the entire consignment sales process
• Understand how to integrate RFID technology with existing inventory management applications
• To simplify the entire chain of custody from point of manufacture to point of use

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