LogiMed US 2017 (past event)

March 07 - 09, 2017


Partnering to Cost Optimize the Supply Chain and Provide High Levels of Service

For All Attendees

07:30 - 08:30 Breakfast In The LogiLounge

Invitation Only

07:30 - 08:30 Women In Supply Chain Breakfast

Marissa Alvord

Executive Director
LogiMed USA

08:35 - 08:45 Ice Breaker


Dave Malenfant

Director, Center for Supply Chain Innovation
Texas Christian University

While supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, they are also becoming more customer centric than ever before. How can you provide segmented service instead of one size fits all? How can customer experience groups best interface with hospitals? How can you make the supply chain more convenient for the customer? Hear lessons learned and insights into how two organizations have aligned with customers, including how to:
• Understand how value is defined by customers
• Appeal to the broader hospital and not just individual doctors
• Remove waste and realize efficiencies

Dennis Black

Director, e-Business

Chris Lynch

Vice President, Global Service & Logistics

Stephen Meyer

Research Director

End-to-end collaboration models are on the rise and robust partnerships across the supply chain are critical for inventory management, reducing inefficiencies and realizing cost savings. Geo-political situations are becoming increasingly complex, regulations are shifting and cost sensitivity is at an all time high. How can you develop deeper relationships with partners to support your business now and into the future?
Panelists will discuss:
• When and how to utilize centralized distribution
• Partnering to support an expanding manufacturing footprint beyond BRIC markets
• New and upcoming opportunities for collaboration


Stephen Downey

VP Healthcare Vertical

Pamela L. Bryant

Chief Supply Chain Officer
Hanger, Inc.

Howard Mitchell

Director, Distribution Operations

Kevin Coleman

Senior Vice President, Customer Solutions
DSC Logistics

10:10 - 10:25 Panel Revolution | Overcoming Common Roadblocks to Stronger Collaboration

10:25 - 10:45 Partnering for Successful Product Launches and Improving Lifecycle Management

Dave Bode - Vice President, Health Care Solutions DSC Logistics
Too frequently new product launches experience a range of delays at different stages, ultimately creating a squeeze on supply chain executives just before launch. How can supply chain organizations elevate the importance of supply chain management in people’s minds? How can you partner with R&D and commercial teams to deliver results? How can you drive the go-to-market strategy in the most cost effective way?
Find out:
• Determining appropriate consignment levels and adoption rate
• How to determine how much safety stock to carry and what to use for initial shelf stock
• Best practices for getting lifecycle management right


Dave Bode

Vice President, Health Care Solutions
DSC Logistics

10:45 - 11:25 Morning Refreshment Break In The LogiLounge

Consignment continues to be a pain point for both manufacturers and providers, and it’s not going to go away. Once the inventory is in the hospital, there is limited visibility. It can often disappear or doesn’t get billed, creating huge inefficiencies. Frequently there is more inventory in the pipeline than will be used during the life of the product and there are huge liabilities to manufacturers if products expire, and 99% of hospitals have expired products on their shelves. How can manufacturers and providers remove these inefficiencies?
Panelists will discuss:
• Promising technologies that provide traceability
• Middle-pathways for manufacturers to gain visibility and control while ensuring providers have products
• Gaining visibility into lead times for surgeries
• How to get ahead of the curve before personalized medicine becomes the norm


Volker Schulz

Operating Vice President, Orthopedics
Owens & Minor

Steve Kiewiet

Vice President, Supply Chain Operations
BJC HealthCare

Dutch Vandersand

Director, Supply Chain
Integra Life Sciences

Amy Webb

Corporate Director, Supply Chain Services
FMOL Health System

12:05 - 12:25 Leveraging RFID Technology to Automate Medical Device & Field Inventory Management

Joe Pleshek - President and Chief Executive Officer Terso Solutions
Managing field inventory of medical implants and supplies is a growing challenge, from not knowing where products are in the field and ensuring accurate billing, to meeting regulatory compliance guidelines and customer expectations. The traditional, manual way of managing field inventory and medical devices is unnecessarily complex and inefficient. RFID technology offers the opportunity to solve in-field inventory problems, making sure that field representatives have the right products when needed through real-time product visibility, while also ensuring compliance, reducing shrinkage, and streamlining inventory management.
Learn how:
• An automated mobile case solution can expedite the entire consignment sales process
• Understand how to integrate RFID technology with existing inventory management applications
• To simplify the entire chain of custody from point of manufacture to point of use


Joe Pleshek

President and Chief Executive Officer
Terso Solutions

#1 Achieving World-Class Safety in End-to-End Global Operations
Rich Parkyn, Director, US Operations, Ossur Americas

#2 Planning for New Product Introductions to Meet Commercial Demand
Sandra LeClerc, Director, Global Supply Chain, Boston Scientific

#3 3PL Collaboration and Selection in the Dynamic Healthcare Supply Chain: Planning for Capacity Ahead of Need

Fred Crans, Supply Chain Healthcare Consultant, Sedlak

#4 Sourcing Medical Device Components and Products in Asia

Ames Gross, President, Pacific Bridge Medical

#5 The Final Mile, Improving Efficiency Through New Standards
Ruben Taborda, Vice President, Enterprise Hospital Customers,

#6 M&A Readiness, Ensuring Your Supply Chain Organization is Ready to Support M&A
Daniel Johnson, Account Manager, Fortna

#7 Onboarding a Reverse Logistics Strategy to Reduce Costs and Improve Service

Sandra LeClerc

Director Global Supply Chain
Boston Scientific

Rich Parkyn

Director, US Operations
Ossur Americas


Ames Gross

Pacific Bridge Medical


Ruben Taborda

Vice President, Enterprise Hospital Customers
Johnson & Johnson

Daniel Johnson

Account Manager


Fred Crans

Supply Chain Healthcare Consultant

13:30 - 14:30 Lunch

14:30 - 15:10 Panel Discussion | Advancing Demand Planning and Achieving Greater Forecasting Accuracy

Anthony Manganaro - Head of Supply Chain bioMerieux Irene Zhou - Senior Manager, Supply Chain Planning Grifols Diagnostics Solutions
Many companies continue to struggle with over forecasting and in some cases, products don’t move as well as anticipated. How can you better forecast manufacturing with what sales actually does? What kinds of metrics will allow you to measure the health of your forecast?
Panelists will discuss:
• Forecast metrics and standardization across the business
• Opportunities from people and process perspectives to mature demand planning
• The latest forecasting tips and tricks to mature the program and increase accuracy

Anthony Manganaro

Head of Supply Chain


Irene Zhou

Senior Manager, Supply Chain Planning
Grifols Diagnostics Solutions

Within a supply chain, understanding demand is a highly complex challenge that requires sophisticated and accurate data, as well as trust and transparency among all participants – from supplier, to distributor, to clinicians and patients at the hospital. These challenges sparked a highly successful collaboration between Intermountain Healthcare and JJHCS. Developed initially to help reduce stock-outs, the ongoing partnership has not only improved efficiencies at the distribution level, but also enhanced trust among partners and promoted integrity in the supply chain.
Gain insights and success stories from this collaboration, including:
• Reducing stock-outs and improving end-to-end customer service and operational efficiency
• Proactive approaches to data gathering and implementation
• Shedding light on and correcting historical supply chain habits, including stockpiling


Rick Desmarais

Director, Lean & Operational Excellence, Customer & Logistics Services
Johnson & Johnson


Chet Damania

Senior Manager, Customer Solutions
Johnson & Johnson HealthCare Systems, Inc.

15:30 - 15:45 Case Study Revolution | Driving Value and Improving Customer Service

15:45 - 16:25 Afternoon Refreshment Break In The LogiLounge

16:25 - 16:55 Voice of the Customer | Keeping Ahead of Current and Future Healthcare Trends

Richard Bagley - Director, Supply Chain Commercialization Intermountain Healthcare
It’s common knowledge that the ACA and exchanges are changing the healthcare landscape, but how are these changes affecting suppliers? What do financials look like within hospitals? How does this shape supply chain decision making and behaviors? Richard Bagley, Director, Supply Chain Commercialization, Intermountain Healthcare will share practical insights about current and upcoming healthcare trends and how they are shaping supply chain decisions.
Consider how to transform your supply chain to handle:
• Economics and changes from the ACA
• The emerging value-oriented care continuum
• Population health paradigm shift
• Regulatory impacts of data requirements

Richard Bagley

Director, Supply Chain Commercialization
Intermountain Healthcare

16:55 - 18:00 LogiMixer Reception

We’re bringing in mixologists to help you relax and unwind after your second day at LogiMed! Join us outside on the Shady Grove for tacos and fun cocktails. Reconnect with old friends and meet new contacts as you take in the beauty of the serene resort.

18:00 - 23:59 Conclusion Of Day Two