LogiMed US 2017 (past event)

March 07 - 09, 2017


Steve Kiewiet

Vice President, Supply Chain Operations
BJC HealthCare

11:25 Panel Discussion | Collaborating Across the Chain to Remove the Pain in Consignment Inventory

Consignment continues to be a pain point for both manufacturers and providers, and it’s not going to go away. Once the inventory is in the hospital, there is limited visibility. It can often disappear or doesn’t get billed, creating huge inefficiencies. Frequently there is more inventory in the pipeline than will be used during the life of the product and there are huge liabilities to manufacturers if products expire, and 99% of hospitals have expired products on their shelves. How can manufacturers and providers remove these inefficiencies?
Panelists will discuss:
• Promising technologies that provide traceability
• Middle-pathways for manufacturers to gain visibility and control while ensuring providers have products
• Gaining visibility into lead times for surgeries
• How to get ahead of the curve before personalized medicine becomes the norm

08:45 Driving Out Waste, Getting Visibility of the Supply Chain

The healthcare supply chain is one of the most critical supply chains, yet it experiences billions of dollars in waste. As measurements of success change, the industry has an obligation to reduce the cost of care in the US. This shift ultimately relies on deeper collaboration and connections between providers and manufacturers to drive out costs. Steve Kiewiet leads supply chain operations at BJC, one of the most progressive hospital systems in the US. Steve will share lessons learned on how to achieve supply chain visibility and reduce costs and where he sees the next opportunities for reducing costs and improving outcomes.
Find out how to:
• Achieve visibility in the supply chain
• Realize internal inventory visibility to consumption
• Partner across the industry to get in sync around data standards

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Steve.

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